Friday, May 01, 2009

Hush, Sugar Rush - Baker's Delight

Do you remember the bakers in storybooks?

The ones whom have huge bellies, rosy cheeks, friendly smiles and sunny dispositions? I simply love them! A good storybook should always have one of those adorable bakers! They are the ones who slip a warm, buttery bun to the orphans. Give a great jolly laugh when speaking to the awed children. And have that blustering, bubbling energy as they knead the dough and delight housewives with yummy baked goods.

I would love to have that sunny and friendly disposition all the time. And I shall try by first kneading the dough =).

Muffins baked last night...

Half flopped, half success...

Well, maybe not quite kneading the dough...

Vanilla muffins, with chocolate melts

I'm sure the pictures hint much of what Hush, Sugar Rush is about!

PS: Has anyone else found it frustrating that Flickr is constantly "breaking down"? The homepage takes ages to load, and I find myself just turning away from Flickr because of this. So while I have been deprived of my daily Flickr fix, I have decided to upload photos straight from my computer into my blog (instead of linking it to Flickr), so that pictures here will be available 24/7! =)

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