Friday, November 12, 2010

Zakka wallets and bags :)

Hi there!
Since I will be flying off to Malaysia soon, I thought it would be nice to get to know the many talented Malaysian crafters out there. I stumbled on Artchala Handmade on Etsy and the products she makes are absolutely lovely!
Everything is so zakka and they definitely make me smile :).

My favourite:

This is a favourite too:
(Yes, I have many favourites!)

Many of the items above are actually sold items. It seems like her products sell out pretty fast! So if you're interested in her products, you should definitely keep an eye on her Etsy store and snap them up if you like particular items!
I'm coveting the last bifold wallet! Unfortunately, it has been sold out :(. Too cute for words.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Hello hello!

Hello everyone!
After a long period of absence, I'm still surprised to see that I still have followers! Yay! So a big thank you for sticking with me while I was going through a horrible period of silence.
It was the exam period, and I had to begin studying a month before my first exam, and sadly, it consumed almost all of my time.
Apart from the exams, October was quite eventful. I turned one year older last month! I had the yummiest cake ever - Green Tea & Fruits. It was so good that the boyfriend decided to order the very same one (but three times the size) for his own birthday! I was not able to take a very nice picture of it, and this was the only I took:

Mhmmmm... Look at the fruits!

I will be leaving Auckland again this summer. This time, instead of bumming around, I will be interning! So this summer would be quite interesting, I think.
So I'll be flying off soon. Wouldn't it be great travel on a hot air balloon or paper plane? ^.^