Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello! :)

When the boyfriend went to Sydney during the inter-semester break, he brought back some gifts for me.
I have to say that I was really surprised with the selection of gifts, because they are really a reflection of me and me personality. I have never expressly told him what I like. I mostly keep my obsession :) with zakka/kawaii to myself. But I guess once you start exclaiming over how cute things are, the other person will have an idea of the things that you like :P.

Yep. Mashimaro. It is a really fat bunny, with cheeks like mine (chubby and squishy :D) and is oh-so-cute!
And because I have to name all my soft toys, I came up with an equally adorable (or so I believe :p) name for it. It is named after a type of food:

Day 3: Mochi Cream Photo from Flickr.

And the other surprise is a pair of Hello Kitty bedroom slippers. The size of the head makes me laugh :D.

That's all for now.
Have a good day, you! :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy weekend :)

Hello! :)
I just wanted to drop by to say hi, and to wish you a very nice weekend indeed!
The weather in Auckland is sooooo wonderful and sunny today. So spring/summer-like.
I hope it continues. But knowing the crazy Auckland weather, it will most probably rain tomorrow :p.

Monday, July 19, 2010

More Russian Dolls!

I bought these dolls when I was in Kuala Lumpur last summer.
I could not resist them, and there is a blue version of these as well, on my little craft shelf :D.
I hope you're not too sick and bored with seeing matryoshkas plastered all over my blog. There might be more coming soon! :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Matryoshka Dolls

I am so in love with these matryoshka dolls.
I don't "love" the things I make often. This is one of the rare exceptions :).

So far I've made three, two of which mom has claimed that they have to be for her friends. I have firmly announced to my family that the red one is MINE (yep, firm, bold, block letters).

I am definitely making more (if I have the time!), and mom has reserved one for herself :). And they will happily join the Chubbees if I ever get around to opening a store.

Have a great weekend, everyone! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Creative Space

My last creative space post was some time ago. Last August, to be more precise. It was really difficult trying to fit in crafting time when the semester started.
So here's my first one for 2010!

They are quite tiny and so time consuming to hand-sew. These are also slightly bigger from the first batch of Chubbees which I made in January.
I have also made other small non-Chubbee plushies which I will share with you some time this week :).

Making a pyramid of Chubbees...

I have plans for the plushies which I've been making for the past 2 weeks. I would like to attempt to sell them on Etsy. I recently read through the things I have to do, and I realised that I have little knowledge on selling things to international buyers. My experience has so far been limited to transactions on Trade Me, the local form of e-Bay. I sound so stoopid :(.
My goal is to learn more and read up so that I can open that little dream store of mine by the end of July. If you have a tip for a newbie online seller, please leave a comment! It would be very much appreciated :).

Check out Pi with one of the Chubbees. I think Pi wants to be friends with this particular Chubbee because of the cupcake!

Come show off you creative space at kootoyoo! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Slice of Pi

Hello Wednesday!
Today is a little a special because I'm introducing a little special friend of mine :).
Meet Pi!
Yes, as in π, 3.14159265 :D. Just a tad geeky :p.

He is a Russ Berrie and he is supposed to be a dinosaur. You can't see the tail here, and most of my friends have difficulties identifying his... err.. species. The BF and I thought that his face looked more like a hippo's, and thus, decided that Pi was a happy mix-up of species - the dinosaur and hippo. That is, Pi is a Dwippo :).

Pi, the Dwippo :) working his way up to the plate of banana crepes.
I love taking snapshots of Pi and I would love to share them with others. But I thought it may be a little boring to find Pi popping up randomly on this blog, and hence I created a Pi-devoted Tumblr. If you're a Tumblr user and would like to follow Pi's adventures, come say hi at A Slice of Pi :). Those who are not Tumblr users can still come for a visit (Pi would like that :)) and the link to Pi's Tumblr will sit on my blog's sidebar for your easy access :).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7321 Design

I recently discovered 7321 Design, which is a Korean brand with lots of cute things made under its name. Too cute for words :).

Take better care of your mobile phone with this super cute cleaner :) :)
If I had one, my phone screen would be spotless.

I love love love love love these cards!
The designer behind Okay Tina is so fabulous!

All images from 7321 Design.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Little Surprises :)

Yesterday was shopping day with mom and my little sis (a rarity!). We were at a homeware store, and mom spent the whole time staring at these icing kits/pastry cutter. She was completely smittened, and after we left the store (without making a purchase), I doubled back and got them as an early surprise birthday gift for her. She was very surprised :).

Baking utensils

Just recently, the BF gave me this cute Kimmidoll keychain. I love Kimmidoll (and of course, all other Kokeshi dolls). Perhaps the most unique thing about Kimmidolls are that each character has her own personality and are very inspirational.
The Kimmidoll on my keychain is Hasumi, and she symbolises gracefulness. There is a little blurb on Hasumi from the Kimmidoll website: "May your graceful ways bring a sense of calm serenity to even the most challenging circumstances".

Gifts inc Hasumi, Kimmidoll

The Rose Drops on the left are also given by the BF who knows I heart roses! :)
I hope your day is filled with little fun-filled surprises too!

Friday, July 09, 2010

I've been making :)

For the past few days, I've been crafting!
Here are some pictures of the work-in-progress.
I'll definitely post the final products once they are done! :)

Chubbee in the making

Chubbee in the making

I have plans for these Chubbees, which will be unveiled soon! :)

Happy day to all of you! :)