Thursday, August 13, 2009

creative spaze in a dace

creative space 5

Hey everyone :) I'm back with my creative space.
I'm loving this because it gets me going on new projects, and pushes me to finish old ones. And even as I'm suffering from university-itis, I still find time in my creative space. Because as corny as this sounds, I find much happiness in a sewing needle and a stack of yummy fabrics/felts :).

This week, I've been baking!
Felt cupcakes fresh from the oven.
cupcakes in the making
I'm not sure what they are destined to be. I just keep assembling more of them because I like sewing them together. The final product would involve some ribbons and those twine thingies pictured above. Hopefully, they will be done by next week.
My creative space is also filled with recent shopping loot. I feel so guilty for spending so much in the past few days.
Especially in a quilt shop that sells Lecien.

Fabric :)

Thank goodness there was a 20% discount off all fabrics on that day. Less guilt off my shoulders. But I think it's time to check in with the Fabric-stasher Anonymous.
NB: The sale ends on Saturday, so there's still time to make a visit if you're on the Northshore.

Thanks for dropping by :). As usual, if you would like to play along, hop over to kootoyoo :). Have a wonderful creative + spacey day indeed!

Note to Aucklanders who wish to know details of the quilt store - I will post details later today on a separate entry.


  1. Oh the moment I saw them I thought. What is she going to do with all those???? And you don't say??? What is up with that :P They are simply adorable..I have some felt ideas in my head but I have the same dilemma not sure what I would do with them. So I haven't even started..You are way ahead of me...I will have to keep checking to see what you come up with so you better show us :P

  2. They love so divine! Love the fabric too :) K

  3. I love all your cupcakes, looks like you've been very busy.:)

  4. I yum-yum your cupcakes! And those lovely fabrics, particularly because they were on sale!Well done!
    Have fun, (I am sure you will)

  5. How gorgeous are these! Love the cupcakes.

  6. Your cupcakes are soo pretty and cute! Loving the colors as well. And those fabrics are to die cute! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

    maybe you could turn the cupcakes into badges/pins? i would definitely wear one.

  8. Aww so cute. I love all your cupcakes lined up. They look amazing. How fun for you to keep making them and not know yet what to turn them into. That is so creative! :-) You could make them into badges/pins as Amy as suggested. When I saw them I immediately thought of birthday cards. Perhaps you could sell them as they are for people to use in their own crafts in all sorts of ways! :-)

  9. the cupcakes are brilliant. please,please,please you must post a photo of the finished project whatever that may be , you tricky secretive girl

  10. Ooh. Your cupcakes are yummy! Bunting?

    Lucky you having a fabric shop that sells Lecien! Beautiful fabrics!

  11. Yum! It's no wonder your space fills you with so much happiness. It's beautiful!

  12. Yummy looking cupcakes! I'd love to see what you make with those pretty fabrics. Kawaiiii!! :D

  13. the cup cakes look yummy, and the new fabric looks fab! hope your university itis clears up soon!!

  14. those wee cakes look delightful.

  15. I love your cupcakes as they looks so yummy!!! I do make some as well but quite different from yours and I use them as key chains. It's very interesting to see others' creative products. I love your patterned fabrics as well. It's very difficult to get ones like those in my area. You are very lucky. Is it okay to link your blog to mine ??? You can link to my blog by just double click my name. Thanks :)


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