Saturday, August 08, 2009


I Love my Medium Rootote.
This is the reason why I bought it:

A secret pocket at the side of the bag!
And this "secret" pocket is a standard feature of Rootote.
KangaROO = (Secret) pocket = On tote bag = ROOtote
Cute concept isn't it? :)

This is the newest line: ROO-Carriage.
It's a bag for the bag -
Place tiny things into a ROO-Carriage and pop the ROO-Carriage into a bag;
and if you wish to change the outer-bag, all you need to do is move
ROO-Carriage into that other bag. Some fancy stuff eh?

But I think the Crutto bags are the fanciest of all!
This big, extendable bag (so great for shopping) can turn into a tiny cute handbag.
In addition to a ROO pocket, it also has a CHANGE pocket.
This cutey has Two Secret Pockets! So James Bond!

The ROO-shoppers come in both cute + funky designs.

And then, there's baby roo for those who prefer tiny bags.
This one is made from my favourite material - linen.

Back to my Rootote:Notice the French phrase on the upper left of the bag?
Le bonheur est a ceux qur saventrire
I have been told it is something about happiness :).
Images from websites:
Rootote Gallery (Japan)
Rootote (Australia)
Wishing you a happy weekend too!


  1. I love peeking into tote bags :) . Everyone has their own unique collection of stuff they carry around all day. ( mine has a diaper pouch, rattles and juice boxes :) ... and a lipstick in there...somewhere :)

    Love the 'rootote'. I did'nt know of them before...such lovely stuff...especially the market bags !

  2. Would like to recommend an online shop mela-co which sells Roototes. They are having a discount currently.


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