Sunday, March 06, 2011


I'm sure most of you know about My Milk Toof. Really cute stuff, and I'm sure like me, you are totally in love with it!
Inhae recently started a competition, called Your Milk Toof, where Milk Toof lovers can submit versions of their own Milk Toof. The prize is a free signed copy of the Milk Toof book! Yay-yay! The picture above shows Dwippy, my Milk Toof which is dipped in chocolate. To be honest, I am rather disappointed with the results. Initially, I was quite reluctant to submit Dwippy, but after some encouragement form a friend, and the fact that my efforts would be completely wasted if I didn't, I finally took some time to photograph it quickly in the nicest setting I could come up with in 4 minutes.
So here's my submission: Dwippy
And there are so many great entries for the competition! Do browse, if you have the time! :)
I shall need to console Dwippy now...