Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sweet love :)

A couple of weeks back, I found some lovely masking tape in a post over at the wonderful bloomize and it led me to the Graphia website. Because the website is in Japanese, I struggled to comprehend the details of the goodies featured on it.

This is what I think the page is saying (with the help of MSN Live Translator): A new magazine featuring Tokyo stores which sells sweet delicacies is being published, and in conjunction with its release, a range of stationery has been designed and is being sold.

I'm probably wrong ;), but that shouldn't stop us from feasting our eyes on the following goodies!

Pages from the magazine:

The stationery line:

Stickynote Set

Minicard Set

Block Memo

Masking Tape



That's all the delicious treats for today :D.
Have a wonderful weekend!

PS: I'm now feeling much better! No more sleeping for only 2 hours due to constant coughing, and I have far less coughing fits. Thank you all again for your advice and comments on my "sick" post :).

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ratako's Illustration

I came across Ratako's Illustration while surfing blogs/Internet. It is filled with awesome illustrations and clay models - and I could not resist sharing it here. I don't know much about the illustrator (the website is in Japanese), but needless to say, I found the work delightful :D.
Dog - Cat - Girl


My Pet




Niclas (my favourite!)


Petitobi range (also part of my top favourites!)

And they even sell merchandises with the illustrations on them :)

Hop over to Ratako's Illustration to see more :)

Tomorrow I'll be sitting for my first exam - Law of Contract! Eeeekkk! It's really the hardest of all the papers which I'm sitting for :/. After that, I'll come back to post more stuff which made me go "awwwww"... Till then, take care :).


Monday, October 26, 2009


First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to suggest some remedies for my cough. I really appreciate your kind comments :). I've been trying out some of the remedies. Fingers crossed, hopefully I'll feel better soon, and in time for my first exam. :)

Illness aside - here are some happier and cuter things :D - raccoons and cupcakes; pandas; bunnies and elephants:

Cute, yes?
Check out IHeartPaperStudio from Fresno, California! :)

And... Have a wonderful start to the week! :D


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sick again :(

by Mayleur
Hey readers! :D
I have some bad news on my part - I've somehow managed to fall sick again, less than one week away from my exams! I've been coughing a lot, and can only cope with 2 hours of sleep per night (coughing wakes me up from my sleep). My tummy now hurts so much from coughing. I'm at loss at what I should do. I have been taking medicine, including cough syrup, but they seem quite useless in making me right again. Perhaps you have some advice on how to cope better? A way to sleep better at night perhaps?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Telecom Light Show @ Auckland

Recently, Telecom sponsored a light show in the city centre.
4 projectors + 1 Ferry Building = A very pretty light show!
These are some of my favourite scenes:

Telecom Light Show - Auckland

Telecom Light Show - Auckland

Telecom Light Show - Auckland

Telecom Light Show - Auckland

Telecom Light Show - Auckland

Telecom Light Show

Telecom Light Show

Telecom Light Show

Hope you enjoyed the photos :D.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Memo Pads + Post-Its

Hi everyone :). I'm sorry I have been MIA for the past one week. My exams are two weeks away, and I have been trying to fit in time for friends + studying in the past days. Hence, the lack of news from me. I deeply apologise! Hopefully, you would forgive me once you see what I've picked out for us today.
Memo pads and post-its! :) :)
When I was a child, I used to stock up on memo pads and sticky post-its.
Till this day, I still have memo pads collected from my childhood days, yet to be used. As a university student, I shy away from memo pads as I recognise the need to use my "stock" before I turn 30.
But this store on DaWanda is way too tempting! I would love to stock up some of these cuties!

Finger Post Its!

Egg + Bread = Memo pad

A zakka notebook :)

Retro orange bus memo pad

Fancy a gum?

This is super cool! Love love the images of sample uses.

*Clicking on the images above will bring you to the store*

IHeart store is based in Shanghai, and the store owner also has an Etsy store :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

B are for birthdays :D

Hello! :D
Remember how I mentioned I had a party on Saturday? It turned out that the birthday girl threw a little surprise for me as well, and baked Tiramisu (my favourite!) which was yummy :D
I got many gifts (I was sooo pampered :D ) - and here are a couple of cute things which I got:

The cutest bunny in the world. My friends and I pimped the bunny with
glowsticks (we spent most of the time in the dark during the party) and
I made it dance to "I'm Your" by Jason Mraz. :D
I named it Furry (so original, no?) :P

A "Wellington" bear mug, which is so adorable!

The dog on the left is a speaker, alarm clock, reads e-mails, reads text from Word files,
voice recorder, pant pant - it Does Everything!

A tee which is so adorably vicious!

And a Winnie-The-Pooh key which can be cut to fit into my own house door.
It is engraved with my nickname :)

And some scenes from the party:

Oh yes, did I mention I turned 21? :D

Have a wonderful Monday! :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pinkies and the Reds

So this is the last post on the gifts which I prepared for the birthday girl.
This is part of the whole birthday package:

Pink birthday basket :)

It is basically a pink basket filled with mostly red goodies - my matryoshka doll, the amigurumis (Big Heart Bunny and Cheeky), a pink scrunchie, 3 red eggs and Hershey's Kisses.

Pink birthday basket :)

Some of you may wonder why are red eggs included. Honestly, I don't know either :D. Mom used to dye hard boiled eggs on birthdays (mine, my sisters' and dad's) and we each had to have at least one. I miss having those on my birthday, which may seem a little silly because all I had to do was to boil an egg and dye it red if I wished. But I guess it is simply not the same :).

I did a little research on the symbolism behind having red eggs for birthdays and I came across this - "Eggs are symbols of life changes and their round shape is the symbol of harmony and happiness in life. Eggs are dyed red because it is the colour of happiness in the Chinese culture."

Hehe. I'm not at all superstitious, but I think its a rather sweet gift :).

And lastly, I bought a plushy throw rug because the birthday girl loves furry things.
That's it from me!
I have a party to attend and a Diwali celebration to check out, and I shall be back soon (I think).

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!