Sunday, October 18, 2009

Memo Pads + Post-Its

Hi everyone :). I'm sorry I have been MIA for the past one week. My exams are two weeks away, and I have been trying to fit in time for friends + studying in the past days. Hence, the lack of news from me. I deeply apologise! Hopefully, you would forgive me once you see what I've picked out for us today.
Memo pads and post-its! :) :)
When I was a child, I used to stock up on memo pads and sticky post-its.
Till this day, I still have memo pads collected from my childhood days, yet to be used. As a university student, I shy away from memo pads as I recognise the need to use my "stock" before I turn 30.
But this store on DaWanda is way too tempting! I would love to stock up some of these cuties!

Finger Post Its!

Egg + Bread = Memo pad

A zakka notebook :)

Retro orange bus memo pad

Fancy a gum?

This is super cool! Love love the images of sample uses.

*Clicking on the images above will bring you to the store*

IHeart store is based in Shanghai, and the store owner also has an Etsy store :)


  1. These are sooo cute and i truely adore that Finger Post Its! Thank you so much for sharing and i hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Love to you!

  2. Love the egg & toast memo pads. So cute! Great to hear from you, Lyn but no apologies needed as studies are way more important. Take care! :)

  3. oh were MISSED ! Hope all is going well with the exams coming up. i can remember so well the anxiety associated with this time of year.

    Lyn, I love the post it pads. I had a stationary obsession when I was young too... I collected all types of stationary including pencils. You will never believe this but like you, i am now trying to use up all these stocks : ) ... perhaps my little girl will start using them when she starts school next year !! : ) ... Thank you so much for sharing Lyn... I love in particular the stationary you get in Japan... they make such cute Zakka Kawaii stuff : )


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