Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Russian Doll and her Apple

So I have been a tad busy over the week. I have been helping a friend with her media assignment, and bits and pieces of me (primarily, snippets of my eyes, mouth and nose) are being featured in her video.

Anyhoo, my acting debut (or lack of) aside, I have made this:

matryoshka apple plushie :)

An applely matryoshka doll.

I really love how it turned out - it is a big improvement to those I made earlier this year. It also has a little pocket at the back. Perfect to hold a note or something similar :).
The apple label on the back of its head is a super cute buy from Daiso!

crafty supplies from daiso :)

These were a tad more expensive than one would expect them to be, but they were toooo cute to resist! :D Perhaps someone who is able to read French is able to tell me what the words on the Paris and apple ones mean? I think it has something to do with the love of summer.

Summer love... Love summer :)

Tomorrow, I shall be back with more, in order to make up for the lack of posts this week!

Till then, take care :)


  1. Oh My ! what a cute Matrioshka doll ! I love these... maybe you could make a whole range of them each littler and littler... So sweet !

    The labels are very cool Lyn... such gorgeous quality.

    Oh and by the way... I love the 'paw print' canvas type fabric of the back ground.... you should be a set designer in your spare time ( if ever) ...very creative Lyn ! : )

  2. I'd probably die if a French person read this translation but the Eiffel Tower one goes something along the lines of "I haven't known more since you came into my heart without my knowledge" That's a literal translation, there are probably more poetic ways of saying it! The apple one says "You are always very important to me".

  3. cute!!! nice label, wish there's daiso at my place!!
    anyway happy belated birthday!

  4. Oh Lyn, the Applely Matryoshka doll is simply adorable. Love it! :) The labels are very nice. Like you, I wouldn't be able to resist buying them too. :) Oh my, I must make a trip to Daiso soon...


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