Friday, October 09, 2009

Forrero Rocher + Bouquets = Yumminess!

Hey again :D
Tomorrow, I'm attending my very close friend's birthday, and as part of her gift, I made this:

Chocolate bouquet

It did not turn out as nice as I hoped it would be. I could not find a tutorial online, so I blindly stabbed skewers into the box, with guidance from lovely photos of real chocolate bouquets on online stores.

The weather has been really bad lately, hence the not-so-brilliant photo (but then again, it hides the flaws of this bouquet quite well :D )

I also added some amigurumi creatures - this time, they are bear muffins (can you see the muffin/cupcake liners?). E.g. bear heads disguised as muffins. Or muffins disguised as bear heads. Whichever you prefer :D.

I also received my first birthday gift! My birthday is on Monday :).

Also, I have been really busy lately. My Google Reader recorded 300+ unread posts since I slacked off reading blogs over a week ago. I marked all as read to clear them - so bear with me as I slowly make my rounds around the blog-sphere in the next week :).

And... I'll be back tomorrow to show what else I've prepared for my friend's birthday! :D

Tata for now :)


  1. What a lovely bouquet, Lyn! I wish I am the birthday girl! :D And the bear muffin is uber cute :)

  2. I love the bouquet Lyn ! Wow...the little bear muffins are GORGEOUS...! Is this a gift for your friend ? She's gonna LOVE LOVE LOVE it !

    Oh & that Panda bear is adorable little girl has a panda quite similar... she calls him 'Kung Fu' ! : )

    Hope you have a wonderful fun-filled pre-birthday weekend !!


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