Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cakes, cookies and pies - Oh my!

Yay! It's finally the first day of October :)
October is a super special month because it is the month my blog turns One! I first started blogging on the 3rd., and boy, has it been a super wonderful journey! :)
Secondly, a wonderful friend's birthday falls somewhere mid-October. I have been busy crocheting in preparation for that day!
And... It is also my birthday month!
In my opinion, the best thing about celebrating birthdays is having cake! :D

So to kick off this birthday month, let's have some cake, rolls, tortes, cookies and pies! :D

Click on image to find source :)

And also, note that the last 3 images are from Betty Crocker's Recipes on Flickr. Each image comes with recipes on the Flickr page :)

PS: This is quite unfortunate, but my posting has become even more sporadic and less frequent in the late weeks. I am in the midst of pushing myself to start studying for upcoming October/November exams. After that, I'll be flying off to Kuala Lumpur in early December. I'll promise to come and say hi as frequently as possible during these busy months :).


  1. Dear lyn, October is also a very special month for me because it's also the mth my little bubble space and shop turns one! How cool its that to be able to celebrate this with you! Oh and i am looking forward to your birthday! :) These are gorgeous cakes and pies tho i am not a huge fan for cakes, i really love the design on them! Oh and good luck with your study on the upcoming exams..i know you will do just as great! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. Hello Lyn, Happy 1st blog anniversary and Happy Birthday to you too (don't know which day it is but thought I should send my wishes to you first)!

    Wow, the cakes all look sooo yummy. I especially like the one with sushi on it, so cute :)

    Study hard & all the best for your coming exams! Jia you!

  3. Happy 1st blog birthday! Wishing you lots of cupcakes, chocolate cake and pies!

  4. So Gorgeous ! You really have an eye for beautiful things Lyn... : ) ...and your beautiful blog is living proof of that ! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary !


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