Thursday, August 13, 2009

Store-y: Renee's Red Vintage Quilts

I thought it would be quite nice to have a handy dandy list of fabric/craft stores that I visit in Auckland. That list would be accessible from the sidebar. It would be admittedly, short. But nonetheless, I hope it proves useful to some crafters. When I first started dabbling in sewing and crafting, I didn't know where to get my supplies from (other than Spotlight). And even as I found addresses online, I never know whether it was worth making a 1 hour bus ride to that place. So, again, I hope this list proves useful somewhat, to some of us.

Okie dokie - Here's number one story/store:

Renee's Red Vintage Quilts

Two/three doors from 9 Como Street,

Exact number on Como Street is unknown - but it is about 3 doors away from Genghis Khan restaurant (which is on 9 Como Street). The quilt store is also directly opposite Sterling Sport entrance to Westfield Mall. Attempts to find the exact address on the Yellow Pages online will lead you to Lake Road. Unfortunately, this is incorrect. The quilt store is most definitely on Como Street.

Mrs. March's Collection

What's in the store?
Moda, Michael Miller, Timeless Treasures, Lecien (!), laces, kits and things like that. There is an assortment of materials - linen, flannel, 100% cotton, 100% wool felt etc. There's a huge of selection on floral fabrics (which are not really my taste); flannel plaids and checks (absolutely delicious and are the most expensive of the lot I think); and the Lecien selection is quite small.

How are the prices?
Reasonable. Some Lecien fabrics are slightly more expensive compared to several sellers on Etsy, but still cheaper if postage costs are considered. If the store is offering a discount, it is definitely worth buying more :). Not quite sure about Moda and other other lines of fabrics. I usually pretty much make a beeline to the Japanese ones when I am there.

How is the service?
Excellent. The Korean owner is very helpful and friendly. And your purchases will be wrapped up really prettily. I am a sucker for pretty packages. Hence, I get sucked in to buying more - just to see them prettily wrapped up ;D.

Other things you may like to know:
There are sewing-related classes offered in-store - making quilts, blankets, etc.
It is not opened on Sundays, and on the other days, business begins only at 10am.

Other places to visit if you're "in the area":
Consider going to the hospice shop on Hurstmere Road (currently under refurbishment and will re-open on the 24th Aug 09). There's also a Bernina on Huron Street. Movenpick is on Hurstmere if you're craving for ice-cream. And I highly recommend Daikoku or Narita (156 and 62 Hurstmere Rd respectively) for a yummy, reasonably priced Japanese lunch. Note that Daikoku is a teppanyaki restaurant, and the set lunch is super yummy. You will stink a little of teppanyaki when you leave the restaurant :D. Narita has lunch bentos that are very reasonably priced. :D So out of the topic, I know :D

Fabric :)

The Not-So-Big List of Craft/Fabric Stores I Visit in Auckland:
My Stories on the Stores... :D

  1. Renee's Red Vintage Quilts


  1. what a lovely helpful list. i wish i could pop over to stock up, especially some of that pretty pink with the bonnet girls. i love it

  2. 100% felt too? I definitely have to get there asap. Did you find Global Fabrics in the phone book? It's just off Symonds Street at the top of Newton Road, about a block down on the left side. An easy walk from Uni!

  3. I love the fabric, it must be hard to make a choice with so many options

  4. This is such a cool list and there's so many nice fabric stores around you. *jealous* :) And they even have 100% wool felt...thatz neat! I bought my fabrics from a few fabric shops from bangsar shops to my dad's town seremban. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  5. I grabbed a flyer from them when I was there and this is the official address (though as you say, the entrance is off Como Street)
    Shop 4, Lower ground, AMI Building,
    521 Lake Road, Northcote
    ph. 489 7900, fax 489 4928

    I didn't spot the felt though, well I did see felt but it wasn't wool felt. I guess I should have asked!


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