Monday, August 31, 2009

Crafting updates


It has been quite some time since I posted pictures of things which I have made. So here they are - The finished cupcakes. Some are made to be gift tags/bookmarks, and some are brooches :).

I also made this:

Can you tell that it is a pear? A minty looking pear :).
Unfortunately, there is something wrong with it. The stitches on my pear do not look at all like the finished product on Ana Paula Rimoli's amigurumi book. I have a sinking feeling that my stitches are incorrect. If you know what is wrong, perhaps you can tell me? :)

Despite this not-so-little problem, I am very happy with my pear. Crocheting is difficult (despite what others say)! I called myself names (mainly "stupid" and "idiot") while reading and re-reading books; watching and re-watching You Tube videos on crocheting. My first amigurumi was a shrivelled cupcake, which was never finished. The cupcake, unfortunately, met a very terrible end this morning. I accidentally vacuumed it up while cleaning my table (Good riddance!).

Happily, the pear turned out better. I will merrily ignore the stitching problem, so long as the final result looks cute to my eyes :).

Minty pear here will form part of a gift to a friend. Thank goodness she doesn't know anything about amigurumi - it means she will not be able to spot what's wrong with it. ;)

That's all for now.
Wishing you a happy week! :)


  1. Minty pear looks good to me! Love it! :D

  2. Oh Beautiful ! I love the cup cakes, they are TASTY looking... just curious but how large are they in dimension ? they could even be hung on a crhistmas tree :) ...Yes ??

    I love Minty Pear ! So Cute...and like your friend I too know nothing about amigurumi ! so me its... just SOOOOO CUTE ! :)

  3. I love your cupcakes...they are so adorable!! Oh yes so is your pear...very cute! Hope you had a good weekend and love to you!

  4. It's probably inside out -- when crocheting something that forms a kind of bowl shape, it's easy to get it turned backwards. But it's still cute and well shaped! Don't give up on crochet... Very cute cupcakes too and I am so very hungry... :)

  5. i think minty pear is a definate a+ and R.I.P mr cupcake!

  6. lovely pear.much nicer than the one in the book! :)


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