Sunday, August 16, 2009


1. "Is it dark chocolate ?" "Shhh I'm concentrating." by marion klein
2. Mini Crêpes Party! by PetitPlat by sk
3. micropupi detti pupetti by cevi
4. mini jewelry box - Japanese SAKURA style by karaku*

On some days, I feel small.
But feeling small is not always a bad thing.
I would love to be as small as one of Marion Klein's teddies and pour coffee (or is it dark chocolate?) for my teddy friend. We'll have petite crepes in the little breakfast nook, with gaint wheat crackers leaning against the walls.
Yes, it is good to be small in Marion Klein's teddy world.
On a different note...
I would like to inform you lovely readers out there that I'll be taking a short bloggy break, as I plod through a couple of tests and assignment for the next one week.
See you next weekend :)


  1. Oh I love the teddies ! My little girl loved it too :) .... I play so much with my little girl, I have to remind my self of my age sometimes as I tend to get carried away and swept up in the fun of it all :)

    ...Good luck with your exams Lyn...Study Hard...and remember 'no gain' :)

  2. good luck with your tests! i feel small quite often too...normally when im feeling quiet as well

  3. Those are gorgeous small little items! Have a good blog break and all the best with tests and assignment! Will be missing you! Love to you!

  4. good luck with the exams
    hope you have a big success


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