Saturday, August 01, 2009

*heart* Karel Capek

I stumbled across Karel Capek while "hanging out" on Flickr :D.How is it possible that I've not known of it before?

Karel Capek is a tea shop based in Japan. But it's not just about tea in Karel Capek -
there's also kitchen things, books, totes, lovely postcards...
The illustration is wonderful, no?I think I'm in love with Karel Capek...
You can check out the translated version of Karel Capek's website (originally in Japanese).


  1. Oh My Gosh ! Lyn these are GORGEOUS ! I love stuff like this, I wonder if they make lunch boxes too( the little square one's with the handle) as I'm about to buy my big girl one. I'll have to check it out right now...

  2. ahhhhh!! i need these!! the little tine with the bunny is sooo cute! thanks for the tip off!!!

  3. I love kawaii stuff like these. Ooooh, more things to buy...I'm off to explore the website now!! :D

  4. These items are soo cute! Love them too. :)


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