Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Greens and Pinks

1. pink loveheart sock bird! by sunsetgirl creations
2. Three little birdies by {JooJoo}
3. 'Strawberry Sundae' wall art closeup by a little bit of just because
My favourite colours are green and pastel pink.
At least half of my wardrobe is made up of green tops and skirts -
Yes, I'm usually all set for St. Patrick's Day, with minimal fuss :D.

What are your colours? :)


  1. my all time favorite colour is green, i remeber spending ages on a quest for the perfect green bra!!

  2. My Colors are off white, browns & beige like earthy colors ( I just bought some gorgeous bohemian style linen hipster skirts on sale from gap in these colors :). BUT...for 'my girls' I love pastels ranging from Lilac to Pink, Soft Yellow and Green...

  3. I love pink and white. :) Come to think about it i actually adore any sweet pastel colors! Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!!

  4. I love pastel colours but for clothes, I wear mostly black & earthy colours (yeah, boring I know). :D

  5. Hello!!

    Such cute photos of your favourite colours!! Thank you for your comment on my mention in Inside Out, you know I have blogging stage fright now, Eeek!!

    I love your NZ craft store list, thank you for sharing : )

    Angela xx


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