Friday, July 22, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hi everyone!
Yes, I am actually alive. And yes, the blog is horribly neglected. I do miss coming here and sharing some cute things with you. It has been difficult to find time to make, create and blog during the semester. This year is a vast difference from that of 2010, with my part-time work and additional responsibilities on two different university clubs. I am still struggling to stay sane.
However, I am still reading my favourite blogs, and have also been caught up with the Pinterest craze. It is such a great source of inspiration. Just 10 minutes on Pinterest everyday leaves me feeling giddy with happiness!
For the next few months, I will be rather quiet on Blogger (with the occasional updates!), and will be pinning occasionally. I just need some time to focus on getting my degrees and earning some money on the way. If you like some of the following photos I have on my Pinterest boards, you may, if you like, come say hi here :).

Have a happy July, and I will come say hi again before the month ends :).

Source: via Su Lyn on Pinterest