Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Of bunnies and books

This post is slightly image heavy. I've taken snippets from books which I have been perusing in the past week.

Right on top of the stack sits my friend's birthday gift. She is crazy about photography, and she soon will be the proud owner of a Nikon D90 DSLR in November. Lucky duck. With some research done via Amazon and blogs, I found out that Scott Kelby's book is The Book to buy. I think I bought the only copy left in the whole of Auckland.

Book 2: is Plush You! It was released quite some years ago. It is brimming with plushies. Plushie awesomeness. :D

Book three: Sew Darn Cute. The book is filled with cuteness, and I find the projects inspiring. And Square Bean here deserve some cute recognition.

Book four is Meet Me At Mike's. When I received an e-mail from the local library, informing me that the book was ready for pick-up, I almost ran out of my apartment in my pyjamas (it was night when I read the e-mail). I Love the pictures in the book.

Book 5 is Gooseberry Patch Christmas, taken out from the library with the intention of fooling myself in thinking that Christmas is around the corner. It worked for few seconds.

Book 6 is Amigurumi World. I adore this book. The patterns are cute! This is a bunny which I made from a pattern in the book.

Looks more like an amigurumi right? I finally figured out what was wrong with the minty pear - I was pulling through the wrong loops! However, I'm still not certain if my stitches are 100% correct...

Edited to add: I'm so bad at amigurumi :(. It looks like bunny here was not turned the right side out. I should have listened to the comments on the previous posts. But it is so hard to find the "right side" when both sides are so fuzzy. If you have an idea on how to find the "right side" of an amigurumi, please tell me! :)

That's all from me. Happy early September to you... and you!


  1. glad that you solved the dilema!!

  2. Aww, bunny is sooo adorable! You are getting better at crocheting. Yippie!! :D

  3. You bunny is soo cute! I love these books especially Sew Darn Cute. :) Makes me want to visit the bookstore right now! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  4. I love your book pile! I would love to read all of them!


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