Monday, September 21, 2009

Always Smile :)

There's a seller on DaWanda who sells the loveliest things. Handmade items can also be purchased (moumou is incredibly talented and creative!) and everything in-store is soooooo adoh-ra-ble! I am so In Love with this store!

Such a cute way to tote papers/documents around :)

I love Little Red Riding Hood, and this card holder is to die for!

Zakka handmade bag :)

My favourite deco tape so far!

I need this to keep my computer table cord free!

A beary cute pouch :)

I love this - dokidoki make-up wallet!

I should have this permanently stampedon my forehead :D

About the seller: moumou from Always Smile is based in Guangzhou! Is she awesome or what? :D

*Clicking on the images above will bring you to the DaWanda page!

And you have a smiley day! :) :)


  1. golly gosh, her shop is so cute!!i want, i want them all! ;)

  2. Oh lyn these items made me smile! They are sooo cute! LOVE! HAve a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


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