Friday, September 11, 2009

Coffee me up!

When I was still a child, I would request for strong iced coffee (strong on the coffee, not the ice :D) when drink orders were taken in foodstalls.

Shinzi Katoh

The elderly ladies whom took our orders would always remember me because I ordered the same drink Every Single Time.

from Sakurako Kitsa

I think dad was somewhat proud. He's a caffeine addict, and I have turned out to be even more of an addict that he is. There was a time when I was drinking 3 cups everyday for a month.

from FromJapanWithLove

On doc's orders, I don't do that anymore. But I've been naughty, I snuck a cup of coffee under my covers last night. Shhhhh... This is between you and me :D

from betsyjean79

And thanks for the wonderful comments in the previous amigurumi post!
You (yes, you!) have a wonderful Friday and weekend! :D

from ♥Takki♥


  1. You know I'm a coffee addict too! I love reading this post, makes me feel good just by looking at all the coffee-related stuff :). Mmmm...I could smell coffee in the's java time! :D Yippie!!

  2. Another addict here ! I love the milk pouring into the cup , clever !


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