Saturday, September 05, 2009

Happy weekend to all!

It was an excellent Friday at Auckland Domain.
We were there to celebrate spring, and more importantly, a dear friend who turned 21.
There was the gift unwrapping session (I love those!).
And some balloons which kept on popping unexpectedly.
But spring is still at its infancy and the winter chills lingered.
We had to relocate the blankets and food to sunnier spots one too many times. Despite the wind chills, we ate and played. And ate somemore.

Then there was the bubbletea break.

And a late night snack of burgers by the train station carpark...
It was a wonderful end to the first week of the break :)

Hope your week was wonderful too, and have a lovely weekend ahead! I'll be back with more crafty updates :).



  1. Such a lovely day with lovely celebration! Loving that photo with the ballons! Your burger looks yummue too. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and looking forward to your crafty updates! Love to you!

  2. I have to admit sulyn, ur photo taking's not bad. y not get a SLR, beginner's. I'll sponser 1/3 for ur 21st... maybe. lol. THere's a catch though...

  3. Hi Lyn, Looks like such a beautiful day for a 21st celebration ! I especially like the bubble tea :) ... the brown bagged burgers are not bad either !.... what fun !...I would'nt mind revisiting those college years for a day when i see shots like this... :)
    ....BTW.... I wanted to let you know I did TAG you on my post today although did'nt mention your name so there's no feeling of obligation :) ... as I know your blog is a beautiful crafty one.... not one about random rants on love :) ...


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