Monday, September 14, 2009

1. suicidal impulses, 2. sick finger
It was supposed to be "back-to-school" day.
I was supposed to be in class at 8 a.m.
But that is not to be.
Instead, I am home, nursing a gigantic headache, plugging leaky noses with tissues and curing scratchy throats with Strepsils.
Yip dee doo.
Hope your Monday is coming along better than mine!


  1. Oh, Lyn, so sorry to hear that you're under the weather. Hope you'll get well soon.

    You know, your 1st pic of the egg reminds me of the 3 eggs I broke yesterday. Oh, I don't mean breaking them for cooking purpose but rather, this clumsy me dropped them on the kitchen floor while trying to store them in the fridge. :D

    Rest well!

  2. Love your pictures , get well very soon !

  3. Hello Lyn, oh so sorry to hear you've got the sniffles ! :( ...

    Flu season is out here too so I am really worried..especially with the 2 little one's. But I read that Schools/ College's are most affected so its so GOOD of you to stay 'in' even though it sucks to miss the first day of school.., hope you are getting ample of rest and will be back to normal in no time :) hugs ~ ~ ~

  4. I hope your feeling much better now! Love those cute pictures! Have a lovely merry lovely day and love to you!

  5. Hi Lyn, there's an award for you on my blog today :)


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