Sunday, October 04, 2009

One Year Old :)

Errm.. I'm one day late for my first year blog birthday. Blogger refused to cooperate with me last night. But I guess it's not too late - at least some of my readers are still enjoying the 3rd of October :).

To celebrate this belated birthday, Barry has a message for you:

Barry, the Bear

Hmm... He seems to be quite distracted by a passing girl-bear (see, how Barry blushes when the girl he likes passes by?).
Anyhoo his message is this: Here's a Big Thank You to all of you (yes, you!) for being a wonderful reader, commentor/lurker! Barry and I Love having you here!

You rock! :D

And to add some happy news to the celebration...
My little amigurumi chick has been featured on Cuteable! Yay!
And... Big Heart Bunny also made its debut on a wonderful Gallery over on Flickr! Double yay!

So now, I shall be off, to finish two assignments which are due tomorrow (eeeekkss!). But I will be back by Friday to show you some things I've been whipping up!
Till then, take care :)


  1. aww....what a cheeky lil fella :) ! Sorry Lyn, I thought your last post was for the bloggoversary !...but congrats once've done simply GREAT and the pleasure's been all mine !

  2. yay! hooray! happy 1st blog birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! Yay!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  4. Yipee and hooray!! Happy Anniversary!! So happy i have this wonderful bubble space of your to visit daily! Thank you so much for sharing your inspirationa nd creation here with me! Oh yes i adore your little barry with that BIG heart! Love to you!


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