Monday, July 12, 2010

The Little Surprises :)

Yesterday was shopping day with mom and my little sis (a rarity!). We were at a homeware store, and mom spent the whole time staring at these icing kits/pastry cutter. She was completely smittened, and after we left the store (without making a purchase), I doubled back and got them as an early surprise birthday gift for her. She was very surprised :).

Baking utensils

Just recently, the BF gave me this cute Kimmidoll keychain. I love Kimmidoll (and of course, all other Kokeshi dolls). Perhaps the most unique thing about Kimmidolls are that each character has her own personality and are very inspirational.
The Kimmidoll on my keychain is Hasumi, and she symbolises gracefulness. There is a little blurb on Hasumi from the Kimmidoll website: "May your graceful ways bring a sense of calm serenity to even the most challenging circumstances".

Gifts inc Hasumi, Kimmidoll

The Rose Drops on the left are also given by the BF who knows I heart roses! :)
I hope your day is filled with little fun-filled surprises too!

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