Friday, May 29, 2009

Happie Tattoo (I'm Back!)

Hi to all the lovely blog readers out there! Sorry for the lack of posting this week. As mentioned previously, the exams are coming and it's getting more difficult to find the time to blog. The great news is that I have finally finished all assignments and tests for the semester. All that is left is the finals, and boy, would I be glad when that is over!
During the week, I was lucky enough to squeeze in the time to find "happy" things (or happies, as I call it) on Flickr. I needed some happiness during those stressful hours, and I am now eager to share the happies with you :).

1. puccho (japanese candy) cupcakes!!!
by hellonaomi. She is sooooo amazing! Every cupcake she bakes and decorates
is sooooooo amazing. These puccho cupcakes are one of my favourites.

2. Postcard - Giggle
by Shinzi Katoh.
You may know me well by now - I *heart* everything zakka and kawaii.
I'm a zakka-kawaii girl, but I own so little of such things (working on it here ;).
Anything Shinzi Katoh screams zakka and kawaii, and makes me go all smiley
inside and the outside.
Coincidentally, I'm always giggling. I think I annoy some people with
the amount of giggling I do. I cannot help it - I think it's a disease!

3. Untitled
by Sandra Juto. These happies sure did put a smile on my face!
How can you not crack the slightest grin, just looking at those adoh-ra-ble expressions?
The 2nd from left, top row softie reminds me of my braces-wearing days!
What's missing is spinach stuck between the two front teeth ;)
One of Sandra's plushie, Mr Beret even has a buttcrack *Lyn rolls on floor laughing*.

4. My creative space
Jenny B's studio is absolutely gorgeous and so inspiring.
I would be so happy in that happie!

Other things in my mind including:

Sew Mama Sew's giveaway: There is a GIGANTIC a giveaway going on. Lots and lots of blogs are offering gorgeous items to blog readers. The list of blog giveaways are on Sew Mama Sew's blog. It started on Wednesday, and so far, I have only joined a handful (all in the blogs which I love, and frequent). Unfortunately, I do not have the time to go through the list, and I am far too exhausted to do so. But I totally encourage you to enter away, if you are up for the challenge! I found several fantastic blogs which I will share with you soon. *Hint: It involves zakka-ness and more happies.

Tattoo: I got a tattoo today!


Hehe. I'm kidding! I'm too afraid of the needle to do something like that! Perhaps one day I will get a tiny one, but for now, I shall be very content with the tattoo-like sticker which I got when fundraising for the Heart Child Appeal today. And another happie to add on the list: Having a sweet little boy of around 4, running up to me and tucking a dollar into the bucket (aww...). I helped him stick a "tattoo" on his hand. Which was also basically where I got the idea to have it on my arm ;).

Sticky tattoo

It's time for me to reply to e-mails and comments.
Thanks so much for visiting again!


  1. Hi! Too bad you can't hear my oohs & aahs while I was looking at all the lovely happies you featured above. They are super cute!

    Have a great weekend.

    P.S. Neat tattoo! =)

  2. I love shinzi too especially little red riding hood! I have a blog category exclusively devoted to zakka! You might be able to discover some happy links there. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your super-cute happy things. Me too feels good now:)

  4. very very very happy to meet you!

  5. hehehe, all of your happies worked for me!! the plushies by sandra lito are wonderful!! i have a little tatoo on my wrist...i was really scared when i got it but it didn't hurt too much

  6. very interesting topic, continue to share on it, here at home we all liked it, thank you very much!


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