Friday, May 15, 2009

Ghosts and Pac-Mans

The test has left me slightly frayed around the corners, and some rest has been declared by little ole' me before I get stuck into the ever-piling assignments.
And in Lyn's English Dictionary, rest equates to some sewing:

Pac-Man and Inky!

While sewing them, I decided to do some "research" on the little ghost. I know plenty about Pac-Man, such as it's yellow, it eats dots and cherries and it gets eaten by the ghosts (yes, that's plenty! =P). But I knew nothing about the little blue ghost.

And truth to be told, the ghosts are much more adorable than yellow Pac-Man. =D

So, here's a little about Inky, the blue ghost:

In the American version of the game, it's personality is that of bashfulness.
Why, I'm bashful too!
In the original Pac-Man (which is the Japanese one), it's name is Aosuke, which literally means "blue guy". Aosuke displays a fickle personality.
Hmmmm... Like undecided on which two dips to buy for my chips? Or standing in front of the bag rack for 10 minutes, contemplating whether to get the *so* chic bag? Oooooo yeah, that's me =D.


  1. hahaha...thats cool, you dont realise all the little stories behind somthing you are so familiar with!

  2. Hey Lyn, you were wondering about wool blend felt here in Auckland (over at Hazelnuts). I get mine from Spotlight, it's 70% wool, 30% viscose. It's ok as long as the item isn't going to get a lot of rough use, then it pills and can wear thin. They sell squares of pure synthetic felt in the crafting section, which one of the staff tried to convince me this week was the same as the stuff on big bolts over in the fabric section, but it's not. It runs for something like $15 per metre for 115cm wide, or you can get a wider one as well. The smallest cut they'll do is 10cm so you can get it quite cheaply if you're just using it for smaller items.

  3. Love both Pac-Man & Inky - very cute! Very happy to stumble on your blog! ^.^

  4. Those are soooo adorable!! Loving them.
    It is really such a small world! Hehe Didn't know you stay in subang before!! So happy to have meet you on this world wide web! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!!

  5. Hey Lyn, jacqui again from Hazelnuts. My daughter drew your name out of the bowl this morning which means the pink bunny is all yours! You can email me at jacqui dot craig (at) gmail dot com with your address for mailing or we can arrange drop off/pick up :)

  6. Hi Lady,
    Love your pacman creations!
    And i wanted to stop by to thank you about letting me know that my "Murry Murry" plush is actually from that movie CJ7! I was really hoping that one of my blog readers would know, so thank you!!


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