Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mom's Day: A dedication to her =)

Some of you may know that I'm living far far away from my family. I'm currently in Auckland, while my family is in Kuala Lumpur. The whole family used to live here, but due to some family circumstances, my parents and sisters relocated (temporarily!) to Kuala Lumpur, while I continue with my studies here.
So basically, Mom's Day, Dad's Day, family birthdays, my birthday - are all celebrated by my lonesome self here. Well, maybe not my birthday, as my friends are always here for me =).

On this mother's day, I know mom would love this as a gift.

Photo credit: Amazon.

She has been coveting this since goodness-knows-when. She loves looking at pictures and admiring them on display. But because Kitchen Aid mixers are very expensive, she is reluctant to buy one. Maybe when I start working, I will get for her one (Yeah, 3 1/2 years more to go to get those darn Law and Finance degrees! Hang on mom, I'm getting there!).

She bakes the most fabulous cakes, by the way (or so, I think =D). My favourite is her super chocolate mud cake =).

Photo taken during Christmas 08.

She has a mini business where she takes cake orders on a casual basis. She was also the one who put together a mini morning tea for the guests at my cousin's wedding.

Mom whipped up some cupcakes, blueberry cheese tarts,
carrot cakes, mini sandwiches and jellies.

Other gifts I know mom would like:

Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel Whistling Kettle, Pink
Photo credit: Amazon.

KitchenAid Cook For The Cure Measuring Tool Set, Pink
Photo credit: Amazon
And for myself, I would like..

Fiesta Head Chefs Silicone Measuring Cup, Pink
Photo credit: Amazon

If I could, I would share these Paumes magazines with mom:

Paumes Children's Rooms "London"
Photo credit: Amazon Japan

Paumes Children's Room Paris
Photo credit: Amazon Japan

I think that mom would actually prefer Paris Kitchens or San Francisco Kitchens, than my above selection =P.

And... Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there! Sleep in, enjoy the day and craft away! =)


  1. that pink kettle looks absolutely charming! i think i want one too.

  2. Hi Lyn,

    I was scrolling through your posts and saw this one today. I really hope you will be soon reunited with your family. I truly understand what you must feel Lyn... its so hard.

    Also I love the choice of items you have displayed under things your mom is coveting. I love every single item you have displayed here. Kitchen Aid and le Creuset are brands I love... but...V.V.PRICY.

    Hopefully my husband will get me the mixer for my birthday or maybe this I love baking it would really be inspiring to own one :)


  3. Hi Mommythechef,

    I tried hopping over to your blog but it seems that it is not available anymore? And unfortunately, I don't have your e-mail to reply you. So here's hoping that you will hop back over to this post :).

    It is indeed hard to be apart from my family, but I am very lucky to have wonderful friends in Auckland. Most of the time, I hardly feel homesick. And furthermore, my family will be coming back to Auckland to live - probably in a year's time :D. So that's great news for me :).

    Kitchen Aid and Le Creuset are indeed pricey! Kitchen Aid to my mom is like Nikon to me. A blog reader suggested that I hint daily to my family of my coveted camera. I laughed upon reading that comment :D. But I shall pass on the same advice to you! You love baking and cooking (and I can tell that you're awesome from your blog), I'm sure you will do wonders with that wonderful mixer :)
    Drop lots of hints, MTC! :D

  4. Hi lyn, so sorry for my absence, I've been a tad busy putting together a new blog. Its just that I felt I was getting TOO personal in the old one and I wasn't focusing on the cooking know ? so I chose to wipe the slate clean, start from scratch and focus mostly on the cooking.

    I'm pretty new to blogging Lyn, so I guess trial and error is inevitable. Either way, my new blog is ready :) ...i am now mommy the COOK :) ...I never went to cooking least not yet so I thought of just being a 'cook' for now :)

    Its so exciting to hear you will be with your family soon, even though you have wonderful friends bridging the gap.

    Yes...we both should do a lot of hinting to our loved ones. You are so talented with your photography you deserve the camera far more than I deserve the mixer :)

    Will catch up with you soon Lyn...bye for now...MTC


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