Sunday, May 17, 2009

Man Tou

Remember my Sumo Babies? I made many of these chubby baby-like tubbies during the holidays, and allowed adoption to friends and relatives. Sewing each of them was great fun =).
I made it clear to everyone that I would bring one of them back to Auckland, the one being "Man Tou". Man Tou is named after the Chinese steamed bun which I think is very fat and fluffy =D.
Unfortunately, in the midst of stressful packing and saying my goodbyes, I forgot about my beloved Man Tou.
It is ironic that the night before I left, it said goodbye to my younger sister's soft toys...

Hugs please =)

But as it turned out, those goodbyes were not needed. It did not say goodbye to the person whom will miss it the most.

Man Tou

Sensing that I was quite sullen (not just from missing that chubby fluffy plushie), my friend insisted that we should treat ourselves. So off we went to Tasca cafe on a sunny afternoon.

I had yummy blueberry and banana pancakes...

Needless to say, I perk up immediately!
How I wish I could reproduce these yummy-ness!

Hope you're all having a wonderful end to the week! Pancakes and what-nots =)


  1. awwww hes really cute!! and those pancakes look yummy

  2. All the Sumo Babies are soooo cute! And Man Tou is absolutely gorgeous in his pink suit. Love them all! =D

  3. Your dolls are soo cute. Love the name Man Tou! hehe I had pancakes this morning too. :)
    Have a lovely week ahead!! When are you leaving for Auckland?

  4. those sumo babies are just delightful! I feel so happy just looking at their chubby faces. :)


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