Monday, May 04, 2009

Hush Sugar Rush: The Reveal

Hush Sugar Rush was inspired by the conversation of two girls over a delicious Korean dinner. As I was savouring some katsu curry chicken, and chelsea bun (my friend's nickname) poked around her Korean fried rice, we lamented on how addictive desserts can be. Cheesecakes, donuts (Dunkin Donuts being the only non-supermarket option in Auckland), ice cream, tarts and pies, chocolates, cupcakes... Would you believe me if I were to state that the list is endless?

Then we ventured to the savoury addictions - we both love sushi! We eat, live and breathe Japanese food. Auckland's great at meeting our demands - the city is crawling with Japanese food outlets.

I was so inspired by our conversation, that I decided that when chelsea bun's birthday rolls around, I would sew up some dessert/savoury felty goodness as part of her birthday gift. In the meantime, I am having a sugar rush, both literally and figuratively (I've just eaten the two last chocolate muffins). The project has gone underway, and 1/10 completed. Materials are being awaited and I have been checking the postbox daily (actually, thrice daily) =P. I have been slightly deprived of sleep, as I squeeze in sewing time while preparing for tests. It's worth it =).
Here's the first completed part of Hush, Sugar Rush:

Dough-Berry (yes, that's the donut's name) insisted to have a photoshoot with the muffins I baked on Friday. She was slightly awed by the fact that she could rub flour-shoulders with the other baked goods. And then, while I was snapping away, Dough-Berry twisted her body slightly. Thinking that this was because of the uncomfortable and monotonous position, I let her be. But this photo told me something which I did not spot earlier. Indeed, it is subtle. It made Dough-Berry's sprinkles glow a little more. It made her blush pink through the layer of strawberry drizzle.

It is Love.

It is a Chocolate Affair =).

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  1. Love the shiny "sprinkles". So cute.
    All your cupcake pics are making me hungry!


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