Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday sees...

* ... Oni-grin making a debut at Lova Revolutionary: Blog =) =)

* ... Me in the university in my geek mode

* ... Me with stitchery/sewing-related books from the library
But what I really want is Helen Dardik's Embroidery for Little Miss Crafty, which the library does not have =(

* ... Me drooling over an on-loan Anna Maria Horner's book and contemplating of buying it.

* ... Me baking cookies

* ... Me studying =(

Sorry, no craft work-related post until after a test on Thursday!
I am, however, expecting some post goodness coming along soon =D.

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  1. ive been looking at that book too! wow your library gas some good sewing books. the one in my local area is pretty rubbish!! your cookies look tasty! thanks for popping by my blog!


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