Sunday, May 03, 2009

More than a Mere Peek!

I really do enjoy doing through my collection of felt pieces for Hush, Sugar Rush. Although the colours I have are limited, and I feel the need to run out to get more; I am resisting the temptation as I have already blown too much money this month (why, it is only the third day of the month) on craft materials.
Currently, it is taking some time to finish the project, especially with the work needed to ensure that the little details are *almost* to my satisfaction!
Meet Marie Cherrie, the ice cream...
She has visited some ice-cream hungry children, and even spoke a little to Little Jack Horner. I believe Jack offered a piece of his blueberry pie to Marie.
However, Marie refused the offer politely, for she was a cherry-kind of girl.

Marie is destined to grace the lapel of collars, fronts of tops/tees or bags.

She was little difficult to sew (and cut) for her parts were tiny. There are some things which I would change about her, but at the same time, I think she's pretty cherrie as she is.

What do you think? =)

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