Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Maries

Do you remember Marie Cherrie?

The original Marie Cherrie is a brooch which I made 2 months back, and it was gifted to Hazel, Jacqui's adorable daughter.

Jacqui requested for more Marie Cherries as party favours for Hazel's upcoming party (a flattering request as Jacqui is an awesome crafter). Hence, the circle of Marie Cherries is formed :). These are for the girls, and the two Dinohs seen in the earlier post are for the boys.

The brooches were the focus of my attention for the last week. Completing this order taught me many things, mainly:
  • I have to stop thinking that I am Superman (tucks red cape away in wardrobe). Grossly underestimating the time that should take in completing the brooches is not cool.
  • Secondly, having a custom order is stressful. Jacqui was very nice in letting me do my "own thing" (so long they are ice creams and dinosaurs), but there is always the fear that the trust is misplaced.

Anyhoo, the order is now officially complete and was passed to Jacqui earlier this morning :). My first time selling my handmades! Hooray!
I have attempted to sell some of my stuff before. I started a Trade Me account (very similar to ebay, but TM is NZ based) a couple of weeks ago to sell the mounting handmades in my apartment. But more importantly, I needed the money to buy supplies. However, the response has been so terribly disappointing. I guess part of the reason lies in the fact that TM is mostly devoted to selling cheap, second-hand goods. Also, I think the word "handmade" scares most TM surfers off :(
I'm contemplating selling on Etsy, but taking a step towards this unknown is scary. Bleh.

Anyhoo, do visit Jacqui's lovely blog. She has a super tutorial on an adorable felt bunny that you may like to make! It has such an adorable tail, and really, who can resist adorable bunny tails? :)
Wishing you a super sunny and lovely day!


  1. you make the cutest, most delightful things!!

  2. They really are fabulous, thank you so much for doing them! And do try Felt, NZ's Etsy I think you're right, Trade Me isn't the right forum for this kind of thing, you need the right audience and they're all about getting things for cheap - which handmade shouldn't be.


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