Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July

to all celebrating Independence Day today :)
While I do not celebrate this event, this day is special to me as it is my dad's birthday.

robin/Daddy cool by Wondermilk
4th of July Hot Dog Cupcakes by Ally Cake Designs

As some of you celebrate the night away with friends and family, I am in bed, watching TV and pigging out on junk food - my idea of having a good rest after a busy week :). For the last couple of days, there were many "catch-ups" with friends and leaving the city for the suburbs. I took the opportunity to shop for clothes and crafty supplies during my out-of-the-city excursions. This is part of my loot from Spotlight (where there was a 20% discount storewide):

I bought a bag of buttons, my first ric rac in pastel pink, polka dotted fabric in pink. And not seen here are fabric marker and a big bag of hobby/toy fill (this was a killer to carry to the bus stop and back home).
... and Three Little Pigs from an op-shop :).

I also discovered a section devoted to Japanese books in the library. There was one craft-related book, which is the art of basket-weaving. Gorgeous photos and funky creations made me squeal.

Wishing all of you a super weekend ahead!


  1. Happy Birthday to Lyn's PaPa!!! =)

    I love that big bag of assorted buttons, so much fun to go through them to see what you have. Oh, another piece of polka dotted fabric? I thought I read in your blog post that you had just bought some not too long ago? I guess it's never enough, huh? :)

    Are you gonna try basket-weaving?? ;)

    Enjoy your holidays!!!

  2. haha i enjoyed some of that 20% off at spotlight too!! Happy bday to your dad. and i hope you had a lovely weekend. I am really enjoying your blog and to let you know I have given you a little award over on mine. play along if you wish.

  3. Just a note about Spotlight - lacking yes but they do actually carry a thing called Fray Check. I only found it by accident in with the craft glue, when I enquired they had no idea what I was talking about so it's lucky I just happened to notice it. I'll grab you one next time I'm there if you want. I don't know what similar things are like, but this stuff is very thick and goopy, I'd almost say that clear nail varnish would be better in some cases.


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