Thursday, July 16, 2009


I was supposed to be on a fabric diet.
But I ate a huge piece of cake yesterday :(
I should go for therapy. Or hypnosis. Anything which will make me less of a hoarder.

But what could a girl do when she found a fabric/quilting store in a Northshore suburb, selling Lecien fabrics?! *shrieks*
Have the cake of course!

1. minny muu by Lecien from Happy Zombie
2. My Folklore Fat Quarter Bundle from Phat fabric
3. Mrs March from miss matatabi
4. Lecien vintage collection from miss matatabi

I practically thrashed the boxes which held pre-cut fabrics. My friends helped me too :D. It felt good to be able to see the actual shade of colours and texture of the fabrics. It definitely beats browsing online. Also, the prices were quite reasonable - just a tad more expensive than those sold on Etsy. But I had to keep in mind that textbooks have to be purchased when the new semester rolls around next week. And the birthday gifts for several 21sts which are coming up. Bah.

So I came out of the store with only this:
Yes. Just This. Lol.

I just realised that this looks very similar to the Windham fabric which I got last month. There's something about storybook-like prints which catches my attention ... :)

My out-of-city excursion also brought me to Spotlight, where I indulged in more forbidden fabrics. That's for next time, lovelies!


  1. Ooo, is that the quilting store in Devonport?

  2. that looks really cute! i love the mrs march writing too!

  3. Lyn, We have just opened an Online Fabric Shop dedicated to Childrens Fabrics, Fairytales and Japanese prints. We would love to do a blog on you if you have made anything from any material from our website (to give our shoppers some inspiration!) Please have a look and let me know You can just send me some information and some pictures that you might have. (Only if you have time in between Uni & 21sts!!) Thanks so much. Sue

  4. ooohhhhh lovely!! is it in devonport?


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