Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Coveting...

Meet Me At Mike's is having a Let's Play Tuesday, the theme being "I'm Coveting".
I love love this theme, and I could not resist joining in the fun. The list of things I'm coveting is crazily long, but I've shortened it to the bare minimum :).

1. KOKKA fabrics from cotton blue
Anything Kokka is on my list!
2. match* from tae*
A cute suitcase like this or any other vintage suitcase for me to
keep craft supplies.
3. Heather Ross Fabric and japanese sewing books from campfollowerbagslady
Cotton Friend mags - because they have such wonderful inspiration.
And some Heather Ross will be ever so wonderful!
4. Page 31 - Design Collection for Kids - from Warm 'n Fuzzy
This embroidery book which has the most awesome inspiration :)

Anything from Shinzi Katoh can be squished on the list :) :)

And the most expensive item on the list is a DSLR camera.Maybe this Canon one or this Nikon camera.
It will be ages before I'm able to get my hands on one (if I ever get one), but a girl can dream, can't she? ;)

What are you coveting for? Join in the fun at Meet Me At Mike's!


  1. Gosh the material is absolutely beautiful. I love your choices and I hope you get a DSLR camera.

  2. Great fabric , when I win Lotto I'll buy us both a camera !

  3. your blog is so lovely. those fabrics, wow. your photos are brilliant. good luck with the camera, keep wishing(and hinting, thats what i did)

  4. really love the Shinzi Katoh have another thing (or things) to covet! lovely list :)

  5. Such a tasteful selection of item's to covet ! :) ...especially the fabrics !


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