Saturday, July 11, 2009

belle and rose's first award :)

Some time ago, handmade romance gave me an award. Thanks so much :) I am so honoured and excited as this is my first! *Geeky, I know :D*

Me, you and blog-land:

I started reading craft-related blogs early 2008, when my family left Auckland, and what was previously "family time" became "free time". I read and learnt about things that have now become my obsession – sewing, handmades, kawaii, zakka, Shinzi Katoh and much more!
With all that reading and learning, I finally attempted sewing plushies. I started belle and rose soon after. At that time, I had little knowledge of sewing, and had no readers whatsoever. I blogged “just for fun”. And yes, I had fun, and I am still having so much fun!

It's fun because I get to share the things I made with you.
It's fun because I get to share the things I love from other sites with you.
And it's fun because I have a wonderful group of readers who support me by leaving comments, sending e-mails or just by sticking to my blog.

To me, one of the most wonderful things about having a blog is having readers like you. Thanks lovelies :). I truly appreciate it :)

by Zari on Flickr

So here I am, passing on the blog lovin' award to 15 other bloggers. Let me tell you this: It is so DIFFICULT to choose just 15. There are so many amazing crafters + bloggers out there. From my outrageously long list of blogs in Google Reader, I somehow narrowed the list down to this:

Alcy's Hobby Room
Bexs Buttons
Blooming in Japan
Colors City
Hello Sandwich
Lovely Little Handmades
Melly & Me
Q's So Cute It Hurts
Sweet Tidings
The Dotty One
Zakka Art

Thanks again, and hugs to all!


  1. Thanks for the award!! I am completely honored to be listed with such great crafters like melly & me!! :)

    I'm having lots of fun browsing your blog!! Love it!!

  2. I already left a comment but think I may have done something wrong!!??? Anyway I just want to say thank you soooooo much for the award and we really appreciate making your award list =]
    Thanks also for the beautiful comment about the bag =] You are a sweetie =]

  3. Thanks so much!!! How kind you are. I have a HUGE list of blogs in my reader too...

  4. lyn! i miss reading your blog! sorry i was "missing in action" for a while. so many things happened recently and I just could not get down to write and sew. When i suddenly thought of you just now and popped by your blog, I feel so happy!^_^

    hope you are doing very well!



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