Sunday, July 26, 2009

To Market, To Market!

It was a sunny winter Sunday :)

From the market in Takapuna...

To the hidden Asian cafe in Newmarket...

And finally, back to the familiar sights of the harbour in the city...
I tasted my very first Reese's Peanut Butter Cups too.
(So heavenly. How on earth did I live without Reese's before today?)
Can you tell that it was a good day? :)
Hope you're having a gorgeous Sunday too!


  1. how fun!
    love market adventures and little treasures.

  2. That bowl of yummy goodness looks like laksa (3rd pic). Is it? :)

    You make them sound sooo good, I wonder whether I can get Reese's Peanut Butter Cups here? :D...

  3. Just the kind of place I would love to spend a Sunday afternoon. & guess what..., I've never tried Reese's peanut butter cups either. My Hubby loves them ( he has a major sweet tooth), but I just assumed they were too sweet and refused to give it ago. Since you say it's so good...maybe I really should try it :)

  4. Hiee Lyn!! Missed you while i was away!! Im catching up on your posts here on your lovely blog. :) Enjoying every bit of it. Love the market too. Have a good merry happy week and love ot you!

  5. Oh don't you just love the Takapuna markets! The last time we were there we decided we needed to move there and spent the next month house hunting in the area - LOL!

  6. Hi lyn, I went trick or treating with my flower fairies last evening, and we got a BUNCH of candy. Among them were the Peanut Butter cups. Yes, i finally tried it !...and guess what...after the second bite I could not stop ! ... My little girl was not too pleased that mommy ate a piece of her candy though...

    I have posted a pic of their outfits in lew of Halloween. Let me know what you think okay? but I think you might like them since you like 'Zakka Cuteness' ! : )


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