Monday, July 06, 2009

It's raining Dinohs

Hey hey lovelies! :)
I have someone - no, actually, two ones, to introduce to you all :)

I'll let them introduce themselves :D
Two Dinohs?
How about Dinoh A (the one on the left) and Dinoh B (the one on the right) to avoid confusion?
Both Dinohs agree.

You Bite?!
Dinoh B: Nahhhh.... All Dinohs are super tame :)

And today was raining Dinohs!
In addition to the two brooches above, I got a new Rar Dinoh Tee!

That's all the Dinos for now :)

And before the Dinohs trot off to roam the hills
(or Albert Park up on the street I live. Whichever is nearer),
Dinoh A has something to say to you :)

Happy week to all Dinohs and to you!

PS: The Dinoh brooches are part of an order from Jacqui. I have brooches of a different design which were not as fun to photograph as the dinos. Will post photos of them as soon as I get some decent pictures of them :D.

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  1. OMG dinosaurs! Am loving them and Hazel spotted them right away and got very very excited. Did I say these were for the boys? ;) I'd say you were on to a winner here.


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