Monday, July 20, 2009

Today is...

...the first day of the semester 2.
One would think that I should get cracking on my course readings. Bleh. But that was not to be :D. I took a trip up to Dominion Rd instead, in a mission to find some crafty supplies. *Ahem - the shopping trip took place after my classes of course!* :D


The laces instore are really pretty. But as I chose my favourites, I was also wondering how these are to be sewn on. They look so dainty and easily torn. Ho hum ho hum. Some experimentation shall have to be done, I see... (Sorry, sewing newbie talking here) :D.


I finally tore open the bag of buttons I purchased earlier this month. I was so struck by the various colours, shapes and sizes of buttons stuffed in that little bag. And there were so many of them too. Looks like I'll be on a button diet for a little while.

Ahoy matey and Learn-to-write Buttons!

These pencil and spoke wheel buttons were bought in Kuala Lumpur last summer (Southern hemisphere summer). It was from a lovely shop conveniently named, "Button Shop" :).
And that's all for today... I shall be back Super Soon! :) Have a lovely Mondayyyy!


  1. I <3 the Ahoy Matey buttons! Have any spare? :)

  2. what a lovely lovely collection of buttons. the pencils are so cute!


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