Monday, June 29, 2009

Marsh, Marsh and Marshellette

Marsh's birthday came and went last week. And yes, I'm late with my gift. But better late than never right? :D

This is the birthday packette:

  1. A super thick burnt orange scarf. A perfect way to stay warm during the cold and rainy winter weeks ahead.
  2. Several chocolate bars including Kit Kats, Toblerone and Baron. Marsh loves chocolate, especially dark chocolate (me too!). She confesses to be a chocoholic and has chocolate withdrawal symptoms if she is without chocolate for some hours. I think my gift could last her for at least two days ;D.
  3. A Marsh bookmark
  4. A chocolette pouch with a felt Marsh and a kiddy Marshellette sewn on the front.

Here's a close up of the chocolette pouch:

This is what Marsh, the felt is saying:
Eeeeekkk! Chocolate is dripping all over face!
And I'm being roasted :(

And Marshellete:
Oh sweet chocolate! Let it drip, let it drop. Yum yum...

Look! One more bar of chocolate hidden in the pouch:

Hopefully Marsh, the birthday girl, loves the birthday packette!

Have a sweet week everyone!


  1. It's a package of warmth & sweetness. The birthday gal must be extremely pleased to receive these wonderful gifts, even if it's just a little late. =)

  2. adorable! this cute, warm and yummy pressi would have me grinning from ear to ear and Im sure marsh was too x


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