Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marking the books

I promised a better picture of BlurbberryMoffin-Wants-to-Be-Poncake, and so voila!

On Friday, I had a photo session on a rusty table at the balcony instead of in the apartment to capture more natural light. The office workers in the nearby building must have thought I was mad as I arranged a plate, pieces of fabric and plushies on the table; all the time snapping away with my mobile phone ;).

I also made bookmarks for friends...

One is a kokeshi doll, which is for a sweet friend whose first name begins with S.

The other bookmark is for a friend, as part of her birthday present. I'm currently assembling a birthday package which I am excited to share as soon as I am done with all the sewing.

It's a partially roasted marshmallow dipped in gooey chocolate :). It's name is Marsh, the nickname my friends and I have for the birthday girl. It has legs and hands, because in the Land of Marshmallows and Chocolate, all marshmallows can prance and dance as well as hug other marshmallows. Marsh is also flushing pink, as the heat from the fire is making it feel a little warm.

That's all for now :).

Hope you're all having a super sweet Saturday!

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  1. Hi, Lyn! So happy to see you crafting again!:)
    I looove all the items you made - so cute! Also can't wait to see the birthday package that you are putting together for your lucky friend! :)


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