Friday, June 05, 2009

French *Yum* Macarons *Yum*

I am not a fan of brightly colored desserts. I prefer to stick to chocolate; rich & dark colors like blueberry or strawberry; and pastel colors like green tea and yellow cheesecakes.
But I am now so smitten with the bright colors of macarons.

It all started out with lobster and swan's Ladurée macarons (which sells Lilly-in-the-Valley flavored macarons. How quaint is that?)...

1. Untitled by lobster and swan
4. Macaroon Stash by sfophoto
I Wanted to make some. And I googled for the recipe. All I got was the common, biscuity macaroons. It turned out that I should have googled "French macarons recipe" (Oh, I can be so thick sometimes!). Anyhoo, I typed in the correct words and Google dished out the websites. Alas, the recipes are too complicated for the simple student-who-dislikes-cooking-and-has-baked-only-thrice-in-her-entire-life.
So for all the wonderful bakers out there, if you do try making some exotic macarons, please tell me! There is David Lebovitz's recipe and one which Emily from Inside the Black Apple tried before. Looks like my new obsession is macarons :)

1. Macarons by ginparis2002
2. Raspberry Macaroons by dilutedmagnetics
3. Untitled by Pinkosha♥ N.String
4. bizu macaron museum by chotda

Maybe I will get my friend who is an awesome baker to make some. I can assign myself with the task of flavor/color + quality control, while she does the grinding, beating and the whipping. Yes, it's fair :).

Happy Sweet Day to all :)


  1. Those pics are all so pretty - way to beautiful to eat!!

  2. I'm mesmerised by those lovely bright colours too! I find them so interesting but sad to say, I've never tried macarons before (I must!). Oops, the 'mountain tortoise' is showing up again! :P

  3. i wouldn't want to eat them...they look so pretty!!

  4. I love macarons especially rose flavored ones!!

  5. I can TOTALLY understand the obsession!! I think itmay be catching....ahhhh, oh now, I AM OBSESSED!! Dont they look fabulous, I just love colour!!!! I am not that game though - not much of a suzie homemaker Im afraid. Thanks for the book congrats too =] =] =]

  6. I haven't caught this bug yet... I might have to try some soon though, these photos look amazing!


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