Monday, June 15, 2009

Brief Relief

Hello Hello :)

I'm happy to announce that I'm back on broadband speed (yeaaaaa!), and I have two more papers to go before I'm finally done for the semester :). Thank you for your wonderful comments and lovely support from the previous post. You are all *stars*. :)

And while I am still not back to crafting (how I miss sewing something - anything!), I have some yummy crafty-ish goods to share :).

1. Aronzo Aranzi says hello from sweet little treat 2
2. Japanese Felt Stuffed Toy Animal And Mascot Book-Aranzi Aronzo from kawaii_fabric_and_paper
3. “Aranzi Aronzo” Cute characters from Japan from
4. Aranzi Aronzo! from ^w^ *o* `-´ u_u

1. Favourite fabric from - Anne M.
2. 20081013 classica 004 by librarymook
3. Pink stuff from Aronzo Aranzi from sweet little treat 2
4. aranzi aronzo books from couleurloup

I know that Aranzi Aronzo are "old news", but their creations never cease to be cute, and I just had to blog about them :).

Aranzi Aronzo's website is filled with awesome fabrics, stationery, totes, tableware and other knick knacks. Their craft books, like all other AA's goods above, are very very adorable. In addition to cute characters (Usagi is my fave), they are also filled with awesome humour. I remember giggling every now and then, reading the how-to's in one of their craft books. If I remember correctly, it is Cute Dolls (digging up one year old memory).

Who are Aranzi and Aronzo?
There was a blurb in Cute Dolls about the designers... And the following is the same blurb taken from the website (check this page out. You'll see why later).

Mr. Aranzi has a Mexican father and a Japanese mother. It's been 10 years since he started creative activities in cooperation with Mr. Aronzo. He lives in the U.S.A. and works at a securities firm.
Mr. Aronzo is a Norwegian Vietnamese-Indian. He lives on the street and travels all over the world. His main occupation is playing the tambourine.

I have to honestly say that I can be quite gullible. Or a sucker. Whichever you prefer ;). When I first read that, I was mystified. But it dawned on me that a hobo by the name of Aronzo, surely could design cute plushies and write craft books. And wow, a geek like Aranzi who works at a securities firm can be a super crafty designer! There's hope for me ;).

Oh, I'm such a sucker.

Read this. You'll laugh. I promise.

Anyhoo, my stupidity aside, for more AA goodness, visit their online website. Even if you don't make a purchase, it's a good webbie to gawk at cute stuff. And if you're anything like me, smile at the cuteness of it all.


  1. i love their stuff too!! i have a few of thier books! i love the cute stuff one the best i think...good luck with the last two!!!

  2. :O
    What coincidence! I just stumbled on a copy of their book "Cute Dolls" at the library recently & had wanted to blog about it too. :)
    I love their dolls VERY much & will definitely make some from the book I borrowed. :)

    And, I'm sending more good luck to you for the last 2 papers!!!

  3. So happy to see you drop by for a bit! Missing you! Good luck with the last 2 papers!! I am a huge fan of Aranzi Aronzo too...always love their cuteness! Hope to see you back soon! Have a lovely week and love to you!


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