Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sun & Rain In Autumn

All seasoned Aucklanders know that a gorgeous sunny autumn (or is it winter now?) morning can be deceiving. It does not mean that it will be sunny throughout the day. There is a 50% chance it will rain and 45% chance that there will be a storm. Even with a sunny morning.

I repeat: The sun is not to be trusted.

So I equip myself well: An umbrella and a scarf usually do the trick. :)

1. New fabric! spotted on polka dot bunny's photostream.
The design is by Alexander Henry, April and May Showers I think. *Too cute*
2. hello note card from you can count on me.
Aww.. The girl is smiling even as fat raindrops drip down on her.
You won't find grumpy me doing that ;)
3. rain girl embroidery from the talented mooseandbear.
4. umbrella from the brilliant mypapercrane.
It seems like she can make a plushie out of everything! :)

1. Cotton/wool patchwork scarves by Me, Elise.
Made from wool, cotton and linen. I want the one on the left!
2. Kokeshi by Plant Coco. Such cute kokeshis.
Since we're on the subject of scarves: shall we get one like Harry's? ;)
3. Amy the Birthday Mushroom {front} by Effunia, sprouted on Nov 2nd. Bah, too cute! :)
4. Green Apple Scarf by Karissa Watts XO. I'm more of a kiwi or orange person,
but who can resist this happy apple? (Even if it has gone a little bad with the worms and all).

Happy first week of June to all of you! :)


  1. I don't mind rain really cos the weather over here is extremely HOT & humid! Rain will definitely cool us down a bit.

    Oh, I LOVE those Kokeshi dolls. =D I must go & find some wooden clothes pins to make them...

  2. I am giggling with the cuteness of it all! Thank you for sharing these great photos. I love the way you arranged them.

  3. Birthday mushroom and I share the same birthdate hehehee.I totally dig your cute finds!


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