Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hey everyone *waves*. I'm back, and I'm exam-free :). I have no study-related stress piled up on my shoulders. The feeling is absolutely amazing. And tho' the carefree period is destined to be brief, it is nonetheless liberating :).
So I had a Plan. A very good Plan of what I would do after my last paper.
The Plan: To catch up with all the sleep lost in the past two weeks.
But it was not to be. I was pumped up, and wanted to do something.
So, I cleaned every nook and cranny of the apartment during the day, and stayed up late to finish this.

Sorry for the horrible photo. The weather in Auckland has been grey and gloomy, providing little natural light and mucking up all of the photos. I'll take more tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the weather will be good.

She has been named BlurbberryMoffin-Wants-to-Be-Poncake. Yes, she's a moffin wannabe poncake. She was also my obsession during the exams. I have eaten so many of her buddies from the local supermarket that I've temporarily sworn off muffins (which is mighty unusual for me!). Now, all I'm craving for are blueberry pancakes. :D

I've also picked up a couple of books from the local library which I am excited to share! Will do that in a couple of days time :).

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  1. oh im so glad you found me because that means i found you too and your blog is gorgeous! thanks for the lovely comments. blueberry pancakes YUM!!
    and I look forward to seeing those books in the coming days x


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