Sunday, May 20, 2012


I was over at Hello Sandwiches' blog, reading about Ebony's MT tees that she bought from Uniqlo. I love MT tapes and Uniqlo, so the combination of both of them made me swoon a little.

I charged over to Uniqlo Malaysia's website, although I knew that:
1. Uniqlo Malaysia may not necessarily stock up on the same tees
2. There may be a lag between what is available for sale at Japan, and what is available for sale at Malaysia
3. Uniqlo's clothes can get a little pricey for little ole' me :(

Unfortunately, there were no MT clothes available, but there were Laura Ashley and Orla Kiely ones on sale!

Some of my favourites are:

Laura Ashley's line at Uniqlo (all of which can be viewed here):

Orla Kiely's line at Uniqlo (all of which can be viewed here):

I really love this one, and I'm thinking of getting my sister to pop by the store to get me one soon!
So if you are a fan of Laura Ashley or Orla Kiely, and currently live in a city where there is a Uniqlo, you should really get there fast before they all run out! And if there are MT tees as well, it is even more urgent that you do so quickly!

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