Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I admit that I have a strange obsession with mushrooms! As long as they are cute and yummy-looking, my heart will melt.
This one is made of felt, and took quite some time (in the early hours of the morning) to complete.


It is capable of being loved and hung! =D Its tushi has a heart-shape red felt sticking on it. Hehe.


I have yet to name this little mushie. No definite name right now, but somehow "Bubblehead" keeps popping up in my own head!

And this is a better photo of my tiny matryoshka, Parsley!

Matryoshka =)

Completed using the sewing machine (I am proud of myself for working it out! =P), and its face is handsewn.

They are not perfect, but I love how adorable they look to me!
I am quite easily pleased =)

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