Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Craft organisation

I am not organised (not at all, indeed!), I simply adore putting little things into bottles and jars!

Sewing supplies

I am a caffeine junkie. Coffee is my water. I'm not too fussed up with drinking only gourmet coffee. As long as it's yummy coffee, I'm all set for the day =). However, I do have a favourite - Robert Harris. It is the yummiest instant coffee E.V.E.R. sold in a supermarket. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little, but you get my point! =D
So, I have many coffee jars of which I reuse as craft supply jars. Those which cannot fit into those quite-mini-ish jars are placed into spaghetti sauce bottles (these ones are rarely saved as supply jars as the icky pasta sauce smell can never be rid of!)

Sewing supplies

And recently, I have been using plastic strawberry jam jars to keep ribbons in.

Sewing supplies

I am delighted with how the pictures taken by my phone camera are turning out. In the past, I have frequently pooh-paah(ed) the quality of pictures taken using camera phones (compared to a normal digital camera). Mine was especially yucky. But not anymore!
It has yet to disappoint me, although photos of big items are obviously no-nos. And I am still waiting for the USB cable to arrive. Tsk.
For now, it is an excellent substitute for my Panasonic camera. =)

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