Monday, April 27, 2009

Mushie Again?

I am going through some sort of mushroom mania. The fact is lots of people out there love mushrooms too! Owls, matryoshkas, birds and hedgies are hot items currently. But I have a sinking feeling that the phase is slowly passing through. I love those little cuties, but I guess I am open to new cute things =).

Mushie ♥ fabrics

So these two fabrics are 2 of the 3 Japanese fabrics I have. I ♥ Japanese fabrics, but they are rare here. The two above was purchased from a seller on Trade Me (and yay for Trade Me!). And that's it - no other local based websites or brick-and-mortars carry kawaii Japanese fabrics. Auckland's a stranger to cute Japanese fabrics.
Because I love the fabrics so much, any plans with them must be done to perfection - dot the i's and cross the t's! No pressure at all! =P I would love to sew a pouch, but as of now, time does not permit me to do so =(. As a newbie to the sewing machine, I imagine it will take some time before I become with friends with the "zipper foot", "zipper" and what-nots.
And for now, I'll leave you with two of my weekend-snapped photos:

I was mingling with mushrooms in Devonport!

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  1. I love these mushrooms! I totally want to make some for my yard, what fun they will be! Thanks for the inspiration.


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