Sunday, April 19, 2009

Daiso, the Japanese haven

I love Daiso.
I have found cute deco tapes, porcelains, zakka fabrics and even those rare make-your-own-fabric-buttons there. The layout of the store, however, is not the best. Items tend to spill out from cardboard boxes, and porcelain plates and bowls tether treacherously from weak-looking shelves. And there are A4 posters plastered all over the entrance, displaying faces of shoplifters. Obviously, the interior is hardly as cute as they items that they carry.
Items are a little pricey as well. And lately, the store increased the prices, which was hugely disappointing to my Daiso-loving friends and I. So I browse, but I hardly make a purchase. =D
But today! Well, today was different! A purchase, or rather, 3 purchases had to be made!

Felt from Daiso

Some yummy-looking felt. Love the colours. But I was pretty disappointed as pink was no where to be found. The lovely girl behind the counter saw how much I wanted pink (well, I was pretty crestfallen =D ). So she spent some time checking the inventory shipment details on a rather slow computer, and informed me that new shipment will be coming in mid-May! Eeeeekkk! Pink polka dot felt, here I come!
And on the very same day, with polka dots swirling in my mind, I got red Twinkle Toe sockettes with black polka dots. Actually, I got 3 pairs: One for me, one for my sister (which one of the two sisters, one may ask. Well, they may argue amongst themselves to get that pair) and one for a lovely friend...

Note: If you think there is something rather strange with my right foot, well, you are right! I hurt my foot sometime ago, and it's always swollen, with a capital S.

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